"It" Store Opening: Sobral in Soho

Last night I was invited to celebrate the NY store launch of Brazilian jewelry and home ware designer Sobral, and I have to say his colorful and exciting pieces were just the remedy for the gloomy weather.

The designer himself was there, charming the crowd and giving explanations as to how his incredible pieces come to be.  One collection features paper thin gold colored metal (next season that will become real gold) that is painstakingly placed underneath resin with chopsticks.

Each shelf at the store was better than the last- medleys of rainbow bright colorful jewels, necklaces that looked like gobs of honey, and even pieces made of recycled computer chips. All you Karl Philes can  buy baubles that jetted down the Karl Lagerfeld Spring 08 runway —incredible pointy cone shaped necklaces and bracelets that came in a multi colored (looks just like candy) and black and white—a must have for any fashionista.

Not only are all his pieces absolute showstoppers, but they are all made of 100% recycled materials, particulary resin. The price point is unbelievable with the most expensive piece being about $140.

I was able to leave last night with a “zen watch”—which does not tell time, but rather reminds us that time is irrelevant, and we need to slow down. It is perhaps this brilliant designer’s most brilliant design—leave it to a Brazilian to deliver New Yorker’s just what they need!



412 West Broadway



link images-style.com


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