MBT Shoes - Are They Fashion or Faux Pas?


Introducing the MBT Shoe! What do you think?  But before you judge a shoe by its appearance, let us learn a little bit more about these anti-shoes.

The MBT Shoes (Masai Barefoot Technology) were developed by Karl Muller and have marketed as a fitness brand. He got the idea after researching the Masai Tribe in East Africa. He observed that the tribe walks on unstable and very much soft ground and therefore used their body to maintain balance. This he found to be great for strengthening core muscles and preserving good posture. So he created a shoe to simulate that same walk as the tribe.

So again! Before you decide whether these shoes or fashionable or faux pas, consider this: The benefits to wearing these shoes are to improve your posture, tone and shape your body, and relieve stress to your back, hip joints, knee joints, legs, feet. Also, its barefoot technology is used in sports training, medical rehabilitation and in everyday casual use.

So who is ready to give them a try?

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