Are you wearing latex leggings this summer?

If you haven’t noticed, summer is finally upon us.

I say this because students who couldn’t bare to skip any of those parties held every Thursday night during the semester are now heading back to school to fix their busted GPA’s.

And more importantly, the thousands of festivals across Europe and America are finally underway, which means Nylon magazine’s music issue mustn’t be too far behind.

While the better question, admittedly, would be why did the fashion mag put Scar Jo on their June/July cover when a more deserving Beth Ditto, Alex Turner, or Santogold are also profiled inside of the issue; I think we could all attribute this move to slagging sales in the summer and the well-known actress, who cannot sing might add, could sell a few more copies.

Sad, but true.

No, the only thing surprising about the cover is Scarlett’s wardrobe choices: Latex black leggings? For the summer? What? Fergie found herself wearing the same bottoms recently at a live concert. After Julia Roitfeld and Kate Moss caught on to the trend last summer, American Apparel made a similar version and they were very popular for several months — appearing in editorials and on cool girls alike.

But when winter first broke, everybody went back to their faithful black opaque tights. And just like that. This trend kind of left as soon as it came. So, it’s odd to see them suddenly reappearing and in the summer, of all season. I imagine it would be like a furnace inside of a pair in the event some brave soul wanted to wear them now in these scorching heats.

What do you think?


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