In Cahmere Mafia Vs. Lipstick Jungle, We Choose The Sneaker

Although Carrie and crew-plus Jennifer Hudson- will be reuniting on the big screen later this year, there are still two sexy and impeccably dressed television shows that are vying for the the Prada loving hearts that the Sex & The City sweethearts left devasted after their final episode.

The shows - Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia-have eerily similar plot lines, so one of them will be getting the boot after this first season. Vogue has claimed the latter, which was made by Darren Star, the creator of Sex & The City (go figure).

We’ll probably be too busy getting our drama/fashion fix via Gossip Girls to watch either, but not before we spend a little time admiring these Christian Louboutin inspired sneakers in Nike’s womens new “stiletto pack.” Ms. Brandshaw would be so proud!

The pack comes with a Dunk High, Vandal High and Air Max 95 Zen. We aren’t a fan of this particular Air Max, but the other two come equipped with red soles like Christian Louboutin’s coveted heels, and are just too cute to be ignored. The Dunk High, in particular, even has a stiletto stitched on it side.

Both pairs of sneakers in the stiletto pack can be found at Kendo-La.


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