Graey Fall/Winter 09: Sneak Peak

It is often said with a bit of flippant ambivalence that, "there is no black or white, only shades of gray."  For Graey's Fall/Winter 09 collection, budding designer Janet Kim wanted to relaunch the label and infuse it with a bit of upscale sophistication that she surely picked up during her time designing for Christian Dior and Proenza Schouler.

While known for its casual apparel, Kim introduced contemporary cocktail dresses in fabrics like silk chiffon (above).  Conscious of the current economic condition, Kim wanted the pieces to still be affordable, offering them at accessible price points. 

Infering what we can about the upcoming collection from the above dress, it seems like we can expect feminine, airy pieces with eye-catching geometrical details and beautiful pastel colors.  

Adrien Field


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