Dee & Ricky for Marc by Marc Jacobs Must Have Spring 08' Accesory Lego Belt & Headband! I know where to get them!

So, I am in the local hair salon getting my hair done right before I go to work as usual and I am flipping through Paper magazine and BAM! there are my identical cousins now known as socialites "Dee & Ricky" right there along side Teyana Taylor and other people who are shaping the world. I was like in total shock! I spent most of my childhood on the ferry going to Staten Island with my grandmother to visit "Aunt Laura", "little Laura" who is not so little anymore and whom is also a fashion designer, and bad ass Dee and Ricky. They tortured me! They were just bad for no reason. "little Laura" too. We used to play in this park that I loved. I was so proud. Strange how we all ended up in fashion. Although, I went in the salon for a clean up on my graduated bob and ended up looking like Dora the Explorer, I left happy. . . with their magazine of course. Dee, Ricky, and Laura are triplets! Way to many : ). Marc by Marc Jacobs sold the belts as a limited edition piece for a short while but now you can only get them direct from the designers themselves. If you want a belt or headband you can e-mail Dee and Ricky at They also have a website that should be finished soon. The belts sell for $100.00. Support them and please do not try to DIY as these other websites are promoting. That is the same as a knock off and yours will fall apart in two seconds. I promise. These make a nice gift and can be worn as they did in the show and dressed down. FIY: They also invented the Playstation belt too. Tell them their cousin Janine sent ya!

Love always,


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