The Perfect Little Black Dress

As it stands in the current fashion industry there are abundant variations of the "little black dress", but how do you know when you have found your perfect dress? Whether your style is playful, sexy or sophisticated your dream dress only needs to have one thing to qualify as a little black dress. But "what" you may ask "is that?" Simple, as soon as you zipper it up you don't want to take it off, when wearing it out you feel unstoppable and most importantly that you have confidence in the incredible woman that you are.

As I stated before, there are many variations of the little black dress and now that you know what you should feel like while wearing it, let's talk about how to find a style that expresses who you are. Always remember, that if it doesn't flatter your body type, no matter how well you accessorize, it isn't going to do a darn thing for you.

Wanting to get the attention of the men rather than the boys? Try a classy style that when executed accurately is always sure to get that second glance. When shooting for classy the perfect example would be Audrey Hepburn, she was a woman who realized that when it comes to accessorizing a great dress, less was more. While shopping for this dress keep your eyes pealed for something that is tailored and has simple clean lines. You can always accessorize this with beautiful pearls.

Going someplace where you know you have to look better than just good, you have to be stunning? Well, a glamorous look is always stunning. Nothing else can capture glamour like a little black dress with exquisitely beaded detail at the empire waistline. When it comes to accessorizing this particular style Marilyn Monroe put it perfectly when she said "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". So don't be afraid to choose accessories that will make you sparkle.

Want a sexy dress that takes the men by storm, without looking inappropriate? Well nothing says "to hot to handle" like a black form fitting strapless dress that ends right above the knee, with a thick vibrant colored sash at the empire waistline. Don't forget that when it comes to accessorizing this item a great pair of heals is imperativie.

Trying to stick with the trends without looking casual? Simple, take your favorite little black dress and just add leggings, pointed shoes, a wide belt (above the waist) or even a turtleneck top underneath. However, make sure that when you go to add jewelry that you choose modern pieces over vintage, this way you won't confuse people as to what style you are trying to create.

Finding a little black flirty dress that looks suitable for your age, while showing how young at heart you really are has never been easier. Rather than thinking short, trying thinking soft and beautiful. A black light weight dress that makes you want to spin in order to see the skirt twirl is always flirtatious. Just because it’s a little black dress, doesn't mean it has to be plain, so if you can find one with beautiful embroidery around the hem of the skirt or even at the waistline, then all the better.

Remember, it's not all about how you look in your dress but rather how you feel in it. Confidence is the key to being an attractive woman. So, while wearing your little black dress you should always feel like an unstoppable goddess, no matter your shape, height or size.


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