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Hel-Looks is a street fashion blog from Helsinki, Finland that I became obsessed with when I spent a semester there through a fashion exchange. There are a lot of street fashion blogs and magazines out there, but the others can be bogged down with blogger commentary and opinions. And while I admit that it can be viewed as being hypocritical of me to blog myself and still tout the benefits of image-centric fashion blogs, I truly believe that viewing fashion as is and forming your own opinions is what makes street fashion resources so valuable.

 All you get is a one or two people, their name, age and their inspiration. There rest is up to you and honestly its a lot more than you get in STREET/ FRUITS/ TUNE magazines. These sources provide you with the initial shock and amusement they deserve and cut out all the unnecessary breakdown that inevitably turns true original street fashion into the next over-used, over-worn, and over-trended fad.


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