It's Spa Week!

It’s Spa Week!

What is Spa Week?

Spa week is a twice a year promotional event where participating spas offer $50 spa treatments.  It happens spring and fall in most major markets.

The fall spa week takes place on the West Coast, September 15th-21, 2008, and the East Coast/Midwest, October 13th-19, 2008.  If you’re going to participate and take advantage of the discounts, you better get on it!

Remember, not every spa participates and not everything on their menu is discounted.  Usually just a few treatments are reduced to $50.  It’s a good time to tryout a new place or a new treatment.

To get the $50 treatment you first need to register at   Log in, then click on your city or state to see a list of participating spas and the treatments they offer. Once you see a treatment you want, call the spa directly to make your reservation. The spa will ask for your credit card number to secure the reservation.


One final note, you can try as many treatments as you want. But your body has limits. So don’t get two facials or two microdermabrasion sessions in one week. It’s not good for your skin. Instead, try treatments that complement each other like a facial, body treatment and massage.


Also, it’s polite to tip on the full amount of the service, not on the $50 charge.

Melissa Sebastien


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