How Can You Get Rid of Large Pores And Blackheads?

One of the most common questions that aestheticians and dermatologists hear from their clients and patients is: how can I make my large pores smaller? This is usually followed closely with: how can I get rid of blackheads?

Unfortunately, pore sizes are genetically predetermined. Another bummer is that as we age and experience hormonal changes, pores seem to spread and get larger on our faces. This is because the sebaceous glands under our skin grow larger, particularly in the nose and forehead regions.

You may have noticed these changes on your own face. I know I have! Some days, it seems I could land a chopper in the pores on my nose and forehead. Complicating matters, because of my love of using self tanner–the pigment leaves a dark residual in my pores–making for some pretty nasty blackheads. Yuck!

So what can we do about those large pores and unsightly blackheads?? What do the skincare professionals recommend?

The first thing that’s really important for pore treatment is daily exfoliation. You can use a cleanser with a gentle exfoliator or purchase a separate exfoliation product. One we really like is the Philosophy, Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads, $35.

The next important step is to use a retinoid product (Retin-A, Differin or other), prescribed by a dermatologist, nightly. (As you’ve probably figured out, we are BIG believers in retinoids and think that they are quite possibly the most important skin product you can use.)

Getting regular microdermabrasion by a professional is also helpful and recommended for cleaning out and decreasing the visibility of pores. We hear that some celebs get microdermabrasion weekly–especially if they are filming a movie. Nothing like the fear of seeing your large pores or blackheads magnified and projected on a fifty foot screen to keep on top of your facial appointments! Daily use of products containing salycitic acid as well as those that contain retinol, over the counter, can also be helpful for keeping pores clear.

The Clarisonic skin brush has a lot of people buzzing about its claim to be able to reduce pore size. While nothing can actually reduce pore size, as stated earlier, the Clarisonic does an amazing job getting all the gunk out of your pores, leaving them cleaner. We think it does a great job at diminishing blackheads and cleans the skin infinitely better than water and cleanser alone.

Another thing that we recommended to diminish the appearance of large pores is to use a primer underneath make up. These serve to fill in the pores so that they look smaller. The primer also helps to reflect light so that pores are less noticeable. The primers that we like are i.d. Bare Escentuals Prime Time, $21 and Fresh, Fresh Face Primer, $15. Both of these are light and wonderful and do the trick.

So, if you have large pores and blackheads and are ready to take action. Get out that “to do” list. Write down: “make a dermatologist appoint to get Retin-A product” and “pick up a primer and a good exfoliator”. You might also make a mental note to put the Clarisonic Skin Brush on your Christmas list this year. I received mine as a gift last holiday and have used it twice daily ever since. It’s the gift that keeps on giving–less blackheads and smoother skin all year.



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